Funk Junkies Bio

The “Funk Junkies”, is a band that specializes in laying down the funk

Rich Fracasse, founding member of the Funk Junkies, grew up in Newburgh NY-a city just north of NYC. At the time, Newburgh had some of the highest violent crime rates in the country because of its depressed urban environment and lack of opportunity. During his adolescence, Rich gravitated towards music-avoiding many of the potential pitfalls that existed for young adults in his community. He was fortunate enough to have played with many local inner city musicians during that time. Most of whom were musicians involved with the church playing Gospel music.

Rich: ” Having the opportunity to play with these talented guys growing up gave me the ability to really know syncopation and be able to feel groove… I learned and felt things playing with those guys that no music theory teacher could ever teach you.”

The “Funk Junkies” have played all over the Tri-State area for the past 10 years.
With founding Member Rich Fracasse Bass/Lead Vocals), Jim Verdi (Drums), Tommy Rausch (Guitar/Bass/Lead/BGV), Gennaro Esposito (Guitar), Mike Antonelli (Tenor Sax), Derrick James (Alto Sax), Rick Savage (Trumpet), Jason Miller (Trombone/Horns), Geoff Vidal (Sax), Neil Alexander (Keys), Pito Castillo (percussion), Kenny Harbus (Trumpet) and vocalist Corey Glover (of Living Colour).

Past Shows

8/2022 Silk Factory
7/2022 Silk Factory
6/2022Lords Valley PA
6/2022 – Newburgh Illuminated Festival
4/2022 Silk Factory
2/2022Silk Factory
12/2021 Silk Factory
9/2021 Silk Factory
6/2021 Orange County Hops
11/2019 The Falcon
8/2019 The Falcon
10/2019 – Chelsea Music Hall, NYC
4/2019 Poughetry Fest
8/2018 – Mazzstock Festival
4/2018 – Eisenhower Hall, West Point, opening for Mike Epps
5/2018 – Newburgh Illuminated Festival
3/2018 – BB king Club NYC
6/2017 – Newburgh Illuminated Festival
2/2017 – BB King Club NYC
6/2016 – Newburgh Illuminated Festival
6/2015 – Newburgh Illuminated Festival
8/2014 – Woodstock Festival 45th anniversary